The Money, Marketing & Madness

The Money, Marketing & Madness

In episode 17 of “The Millionaire Student Show,” Sashin Govender delves into the trials (Past), journey (Price), and triumphs (Prize) of  Shawn Ray, the IFBB Hall of Fame.

The Millionaire Student show is where Sashin Govender gets the opportunity to pick the minds of this generations thought leaders, change makers, disruptors, innovators and inspirations.

Chasing the Sandow Trophy requires Passion, Persistence and Planning. Loving what you do makes all the difference in becoming a Success or Failure.

Dive into the quest for the Sandow Trophy! Discover how passion, persistence, and planning can lead to bodybuilding glory in our latest podcast episode. Learn from top athletes about the crucial role of loving your craft in determining success or failure. 

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