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Workout Principles and Program Design Course
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I'm highly motivated to try new training approaches for my muscle-building goals. This session has significantly improved my approach to training variety and flexibility. Overall, the quality of this course session was exceptional.
Targeting Muscle Groups and Proper Form
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The course has boosted my motivation to implement new training strategies and effectively guides me in personal experimentation and my program adaptation.
Training Plateaus and Progression
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The session enhances my understanding and implementation of complex training methods, providing a thorough and informative experience that improves the effectiveness of my training.
Mindset and Mental Resilience
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Learning to embrace challenges has somewhat influenced my personal growth. Session offers good insights into mental resilience in training.
Recovery and Rest
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My view on incorporating rest days has significantly changed for the better. This session provided the most practical advice on recovery yet. Adopted the mantra 'do what you have to do' for all life aspects from this session.
Master Goal Setting Course
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I felt well-equipped to create a structured fitness plan after completing the session.

Courses with Shawn Ray, a Legendary IFBB Pro with 13 Mr. Olympia Appearances.

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Discover what our customers have to say about Shawn Ray’s bodybuilding courses at BuildWithPros. Users appreciate the clear, actionable guidance and motivation provided. Adam finds the “Master Goal Setting Course” exceptionally clear, while Marina and Brian note the effectiveness in creating structured plans. Courses on workout principles, muscle targeting, and recovery offer practical tips that transform routines. Each course enhances your journey with personalized, actionable insights. Explore more reviews ▷ Here.

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