About BuildWithPros

A holistic approach with Shawn Ray

At BuildWithPros™️, led by the iconic Shawn Ray, you get a personal touch in every course from the legend himself. We're here to boost your muscle-building game by sharing Shawn's top-notch insights directly with you. Our online bodybuilding and fitness classes aren't just any classes; they're run by Shawn Ray, offering digital courses and hand-picked content to get you where you want to be. We're all about creating a community where fitness lovers and aspiring bodybuilders can thrive, with Shawn guiding you every step of the way towards a healthier, stronger you.

Our dream at BuildWithPros™️

Is simple: to shake up the way you train with courses that Shawn Ray himself leads. We're making elite digital bodybuilding and fitness training and personalized coaching something you can enjoy without leaving your house, all taught by Shawn Ray. Our method? It's all about embracing Shawn's inclusive and effective approach to bodybuilding and training, making us the go-to place for anyone looking to bulk up, boost their fitness, and push past their limits.

Discover your strength

Thanks to Shawn Ray's direct involvement, we're not just teaching fitness or building muscles; we're inspiring a worldwide movement. We want to help you discover your strength and change the way you see fitness, one workout at a time.

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Founder Michael Mikkelsen

Michael has been passionate about muscle building for over 40 years, training twice daily and paying meticulous attention to his diet, knowing that it is integral to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When Michael met Shawn, they immediately formed a mutual respect and discovered they shared a dream to revolutionize the current approach to fitness.

This led to the creation of Buildwithpros, an initiative aimed at bringing back traditional virtues to the gym. 

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