Testimonial: Brian Bullman

Brian Bullman: "Consistency is the key to Success "

I first met Shawn back in 2001, I had just left the army and started university. 

I wanted to use that time to study and train and get back onstage after taking a break during my army service from my teenage years.

 Lesson number 1 was “Brian there no magic pill, it’s a combination of proper training, proper diet and smart supplementation. Consistency is the key to success.”

I decided to fly to California and train with Shawn for a couple weeks and absorb as much of what he had to teach me. 

I thought after years of training my lifting technique was dialed in, but with some tweaks on range of motion, tempo, and rep range we started seeing and feeling the difference in no time at all. 

Then came the nutrition, making sure I ate enough calories but not too much of the right foods to maximize recovery and stay healthy while keeping things balanced. 

True bodybuilding for a lifetime of health a fitness and not just a one time fad crash diet would ultimately be the keys to success!

To this day 22 years later, I follow the lessons of what I’ve learned from the legend of Shawn and his approach to the bodybuilding lifestyle. 

Since doing things the Shawn Ray Way, I went on to win 5 National titles and a World Championships in Bodybuilding!

If you want to learn about how the right foods, portions, supplementation, and training to be a bodybuilder for life, learn about The Shawn Ray Way. It worked for me and will work for you too!

– Brian Bullman

IFBB Pro League Judge, NPC Worldwide Promoter

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